About us

OUR MOTTO: Embrace the good things in life, and fight through the bad ones.

The Roots

Born and raised in Jamaica, I grew up pretty poor. I had to put out significant efforts to get what I wanted. I didn't have much. Whatever I had, I made it work.

Through it all, I didn't waver. It's probably because I didn't know any better. Is that a bad thing? Probably not. It sure made me more appreciative and humble in life.

Even though I didn't have much material things, I had the things that really mattered. I had love, I had hope, I had peace, I had humility, and I had parents and grand parents who instilled morals and values in me.

Some lessons I learned from an early age. Giving up is not an option. Hard work will pay off. Hope makes the future possible. Everyone does not get their fortune at the same time.

 Now Is The Future...

So you asked, who or what is Jace & Deka?

Jace and Deka are the middle names of my two younger children. They were made in love, and now represent love, prosperity, positivity and all the wonderful aspects of life.

I decided to start a clothing brand that promotes positivity, self-upliftment, love, hope, optimism, and just to celebrate life to the fullest. I had the idea, but couldn't come up with a name that was fitting and meaningful. A name that means everything to me and to you, and one that you could feel and visualize. 

Then Jace & Deka were reborn. Reborn into an important cause. Reborn into a beautiful brand that stands for everything that I hope for them and for the world.

The Product

Jace & Deka T-Shirts are designed with the people who want to embrace the bright side of life in mind. For people who want to express and promote positivity, optimism, hope, love and self empowerment.

When you put on a Jace & Deka T-Shirt, you will be making a statement to yourself and to the general public. People will know the type of person you are right away. You might just change someone's life in the process, which would be job well done.

Jace & Deka believes in quality, that's why we use high quality, super soft  t-shirts that are made to look good wash after wash. We are proud to say that our shirts are made in the U.S.A without sweat shop or slave labor.

The Culture

There are Jace & Deka in all of us. Some of us know it, and some just need to find it.

Jace & Deka is more than just a T-Shirt brand, its a community. One where you can express yourself and live life to the fullest. A community where we embrace the good things in life, and fight through the bad ones. A community where we help one another, even if its just a word of advice. A community where positivity and optimism reign.

Our customers are not just customers, they are community members. The moment you wear a Jace & Deka T-Shirt, you automatically become a community member. You are part of the cause. You are part of the brand.

The Jace & Deka Mission

Serving the needs of our community members around the world, Jace & Deka Clothing Co. is focused on offering our community members higher levels of service and support with every purchase.

We provide quality and nicely fitted t-shirts with positive and uplifting messages on them. You will find a design or message that is aligned with your own life, or something that you need to be reminded of.

You will find a design that you need to express, or promote on behalf of yourself or someone else.

Get Social with us

To learn more about Jace & Deka, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and become part of the online community. Please comment, ask questions and even give your input and insights. Get to know and interact with the other community members.

Not Just T-Shirts

We also write motivational and inspirational blogs and articles that will help you through your life's journey. We regularly post positive quotes, sayings and phrases on our Facebook and Twitter pages.